Weather Lamentations

I am sitting at a café near the NYU campus and searching for great bicycle videos. I take a step outside to stretch my feet and quickly walk back inside; too cold.

This is definitely not ideal biking weather. With a recent snowstorm and temperatures below freezing, the roads and sidewalks scream of icy dangers. Oh! The pains of being in a four-season climate!


My favorite video of the day is “Journey Around Copenhagen’s Latest Bicycle Innovations!” featuring Mikael Colville-Andersen of the bicycle blog Copenhagenize.

Copenhagen continues to beckon me to move there with its ever-increasing focus on great bicycle infrastructure. The coolest innovation is an “s”-shaped bicycle bridge called the Cykelslangen, which means “Cycle Snake” or “The Snake” in English. This bridge makes the beautiful harbor even more accessible to bicyclists.

Although New York has done a great job in the past few years of expanding the bicycle infrastructure, there are still very few protected bike lanes near where I live in Brooklyn. Looks like I’ll just have to wait a few weeks to don my helmet and travel the shared roads.

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