“Till It’s Done…”

In the shower this morning, I was listening to my new favorite album “Black Messiah” by D’Angelo. When I heard the following lines, I paused:

Carbon pollution is heating up the air
Do we really know? Do we even care?
Acid rain dripping on our trees and in our hair
Are you there?

Although many of us seem to be waking up to the realities of a rapidly changing and unsustainable world, there is so much happening that shows me otherwise.

Just last week the U.S. Senate approved a bill for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Aren’t we aware that carbon pollution from motorized vehicles is one of the main causes of climate change? The greed inherent in these actions is despicable.


I paused in the shower because I re-realized that the work I am doing now is to help mitigate the rampant ignorance around climate change and how to combat it. The plan for our website is to be the main place that people turn to to understand how to create sustainable communities. All of the knowledge to live sustainably exists, and we just need the political will and community engagement to make it happen.

So when D’Angelo sings towards the end of the song, “Do we even know what we’re fighting for?” I can be confident when I respond with a resounding “Yes.”


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