Los Angeles Ecovilage

Last week I posted a video about an ecovillage in Los Angeles. Videos like this inspire me. The ways in which we live can change so that we not only fight off isolation and the multitude of maladies associated with it, but also have access to healthy foods, tools for all types of housework, art supplies, community meals, and much more.

When I was attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I knew many people living in the housing cooperatives. I shared meals in these spaces, danced the night away, and had inspiring conversations. These co-ops each had strong identities and provided a sense of openness and acceptance (for the most part). The rent per person was cheaper, the houses had lots of common space, and food was plentiful. On top of all of that, the net negative effect that these homes had on the environment was less than the typical college dwelling in Madison.

I am not advocating for all of us to live in housing cooperatives or even in communal living situations. I do, however, see this as a viable way for people to have a smaller negative impact on the environment, live fulfilling lives in terms of community, and be close to thriving downtowns for less cost. What is important for each of us is to find the places/spaces that make us feel connected to other people and make that a bigger part of our lives.

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