Outside My Window

The street I live above is close to an intersection with direct access to north and south Brooklyn. The sound of cars, trucks, and buses seeps into my room at all times of the day, disrupting my slumber and quiet moments. As I have walked my neighborhood, I have realized why so many automobiles travel these two streets. The streets parallel to it are narrower and I believe because of this they are perceived as less direct routes. The honks, beeps, engine revs, and street sweeps make for a cacophony of automobile life to which people all over this country are accustomed.

Yesterday I watched this video of Aaron Naparstek, founder of Streetsblog, about how he handled a similar situation. Initially I found myself in doubt that his tactics would produce the desired outcome of a quieter street. As I watched, however, my excitement grew because I knew that the same creativeness could be applied to my street.

Although my street has bike lanes, they are unprotected from vehicular traffic and thus relatively dangerous. Because the street is rather wide, the potential for protected bike lanes is high, especially because this street leads into a famous park. All that needs to happen now is finding a creative way to craft a solution to this loud, car-dominated street….

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