Moving to a New City

This September I am moving from Brooklyn, NY to St. Louis, MO. Along with the onslaught of excited, nervous, and anxious feelings is the reality of needing to find an apartment. My priorities are: 1. Live near my partner, 2. In a walkable neighborhood, 3. Where being carless is not a burden. I will have access to Zipcar and my partner’s car, although I prefer to use public transit, walk, and bike.

I have the privilege of working remotely as the manager of the 10 Minute Lifestyle website. This is an indispensable asset for I will not need to search for a job as I move. There are also a plethora of co-working spaces available in St. Louis, which has an ever-growing tech scene.

This situation is reminiscent of when I moved to Madison, Wisconsin 7 years ago for college. My current circumstances, however, feel more well-rounded and I am much wiser now. Although similar fears arise, I am confident about what work I will be doing unlike when I entered my first year of college. I also have a much better sense of how to connect with strangers and make friends than I did in Wisconsin.

This opportunity will allow me to spread the gospel of walkability in a city not well known for its pedestrian friendliness. The challenge is enticing and I look forward to making connections with similarly minded people.

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