I Love You New York, But You’re Bringing Me Down

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The cultural center of my childhood neighborhood was largely defined by New York City. Most of my friends’ parents, including my dad, would commute to NYC almost every day. I am sure that our quaint village felt like a trip to “the country” after a long day in the city. I had a wonderful time growing up there and feel extremely lucky to have spent the past three years exploring the five boroughs while living in Manhattan and now Brooklyn.

One ad that I have seen many times in the subways says, “What to give the city that has everything?” Part of the reason why so many different people are moving to NYC and always have is that this place is touted as having EVERYTHING. And some days it feels like it does. On any given night, there are too many fun things to choose from. This is part of the reason why people pay such a high cost of living to be here (that and the good public transit).

But what is the fallout from all of this activity? What are the consequences of so many people with high hopes vying for the limited supply of great apartments? I have a saying that I keep telling people when I describe NYC: “My friends either have enough money, but no time or energy OR my friends have the time and energy, but no money!” This is not what I thought NYC would be like when I moved here three years ago.

As I prepare to move to St. Louis, I see the various aspects that I love about this place; my family history is here, I fell in love here, and I have some of my favorite people in the world here. But I know that now is the time to leave New York.

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