Mission Statement

Our planet is over 50% urban and possibly 75% by 2050.

In our towns and cities, cars occupy too much room, cost too much money, and cause too much pollution. Nationwide, more people have been killed by motor vehicles than all our soldiers and civilians killed and wounded in all our country’s wars.

Yet with our current infrastructure, automobility is a necessity for many of us. Rather than advocating against cars, the Ten Minute Lifestyle argues for changes that will make them more enjoyable: fewer of them on the road. We hope to achieve this goal by promoting walkable, bikeable, transit oriented neighborhoods for those who can’t afford cars, or are too young or too old to drive them, or prefer these other alternatives.

We should all have the option of living in neighborhoods where we can walk or bike to what we want or need: save money, live lighter, and become more connected members of our communities.