Connection is the Best Hard Work

A few of my good friends from college were in town this weekend and one of them stayed overnight on Sunday. As we ate breakfast together on Monday, I was reminded of how essential connection with other people is and how it has often trumped any type of work I have done. Connecting with friends, family, and strangers is work though, and probably the most rewarding type of work.

When I think of my job in this context, I try to see the ways in which my hometown connected me to some people while disconnecting me from others. I think about this video and how a simple bike ride with another person can have enormous and unknown positive ripple effects. Our built environment is a main determinant in how we interact with each other and with who we interact.


We are living in a chaotic moment of history in the United States where people are fighting for full recognition as humans; from the fight for marriage equality (although marriage in and of itself is not an equal institution), to the Black Lives Matter movement after the very public and yet, unfortunately, one of many examples of government sanctioned killing of Black people.

I see my role at this time to not only foster community among people I love, but to also share through this website ways in which other people have figured out how to create environments that facilitate connection in public spaces. What I have figured out is that no work that I do in this life will matter when I’m gone if it doesn’t involve people I love.

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